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1984 IS NOW

1984 Is Now (2021) is formed in two spaces: the physical and virtual worlds.

The artist with an old cart goes to the city streets, like a Raree Show (Iranian Shahre-Farang). He gives a ride to people while they watch a 360-degree real-life narrative on a VR headset. Daily life stories of various Tehran locations match another city's atmosphere to create an immersive experience. For example, a part of the VR film happens at a cafe; the cart goes to a cafe to immerse the audience and blur the boundaries of the two cities/worlds.
Simultaneously, Interactive map-based videos on the internet for online audiences.

Director and editor: Jafar Hejazi

Director assistant: AmirAli Pariz

Music: Nima Amin

Performers: Shabnam Dadkhah, Saeed Jamshidipour, Asma Anvari Nezhad, Amirhosein Fekri, Parisa Sanatkar.

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