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(Dis)Embodiment in Online Performance

Online performance is defined as an artist's utilization of the internet to gather people from distinctive places to visit an artwork on the base of the internet. In this kind of art, an essential concern is the impact of the presence of bodies between the physical and virtual worlds. The principal question is: How could we explain the relationship between our bodies and online events?

In most art forms and movements, the embodiment is described as the basement of an artwork. On the other hand, the embodiment of online interaction would be a second-hand subject. This case is an argument between the artist and academics working on digital performance. 'Many Performers in digital play explore the topic of human body which is strange how is not lost in the era of permanent virtual innovations. But on the contrary, the artists say that the human body as an interface to transfer data becomes more and more important today' (Shchelokova 2016, 52). Body in digital and online space expands or shrinks simultaneously. In other words, new technology adds advancements to the human body while making it inactive and more limited in some skills.

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