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Invisible or As You Like It or The Data Station or What?

Invisible or As You Like or The Data Station or What? (2018) A non-linear interactive/immersive experience for individuals alone with their smartphones

Every session is just for an individual with his smartphone.

The experience happens in a white cubical. The individual goes to the project's chatbot and finds a menu of options. Every choice has a bunch of sub-choices. Through this procedure, the audience makes decisions for more than 100 options.

Depending on the chosen items, the system gives various reactions to the audience with the help of the internet. Including, video chatting with an anonymous friend, playing video games, etc.

Director and Developer: Jafar Hejazi

Technical Assistants: Majid Ganji, Amir Hosein Fekri, Mohammad Hasan Naderi

Visual Designer: Saeed Rezvani

Photography: Rojin Delfan

Videography: Danial Esmailian

Video Editor: Fatemeh Fereydoun

Bot Developer: Masoud Adeli

Online Performers: Mahdokht Akhavin, Sepinoud AsadZadeh, Maryam Rasti, Faezeh Ramezani, Arezou Ameri, Pouria Kohandel, Mahdieh Saghian, Mohammad Hasan Naderi, Mina Nosouhi, Milad Nazifi, Mostafa Movahedi, Afshin Riahi, Coralie Girard, Maxime Michuard, Camille, Olga, Santiago Ortez and Amir Hosein Fekri.

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