Jafar Hejazi

An Award Losing Artist

In 1**2, * was born in Iran.

In 2*1*, I started studying for a bachelor’s degree ** Mechanical engineering.

In 2*11, I began exploring creative writing, painting *** photography to create my first artistic ideas.

In 2*1*, I couldn’t get why people watch a ****! When there are millions of interactive, exciting, up-to-date projects out there.

In **14, I started working on offhand public performance art projects to be more practical and ***** through experience.g

In 2*1*, I started working on the internet (and technology) to make performance ******.

In 2*1*, I started a Master’s degree in ******* directing at Tehran University of Art.

In 2*1*, I was inevitably going to the forced ******** service and working as a photo/videographer there.

In ***1, I started a ********* digital storytelling program in Belgium.

In 2*22, I am thinking about how to develop an XR game app with the help of my previous *********** with VR, 360 films, net bots, social media, and interactive/immersive theatre.